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I'm Suze :) I'm an engaged 24 year old from the UK who has two muchly adored mischevious cats, and too much time on her hands this summer.

I'm a grad student, writer, traveller and dreamer. I like just about any TV/Book/Film/Song if it gets me thinking and/or feeling. I shop far too much and love chocolate.

i mostly write in my journal about day to day life but am looking to expand on the variety content whilst I have more time.

I'd be interested in hearing from people who do/like/have an interest in similar things - be that writing, shopping, studying, cats or something else.  My definition of 'do/like/have an interest in' is fairly broad as are my hobbies and interests though so please feel free to take a look at my pretty extensive userinfo and don't be shy about saying Hi.

Happy eljay-ing all, and hope to hear from some of you soon :)
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