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Green Day fan here...

Name: Cleta, a/k/a WillowRose
Age: a very young 40
Gender: female
General Location: Rhode Island


Favorite Foods: tacos, pasta, chocolate, and I drink Coke. A lot.
Favorite Bands: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Seether, Duran Duran, Foxboro Hot Tubs...anything alt or classic rock really
Favorite Books:the Dresden Files series
Favorite Movies:The Dark Knight, Law Abiding Citizen, Friday The 13th-new version, anything horror, the gorier the better, really good suspense/thrillers
Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, House MD, Dinner:Impossible, Buffy
Hobbies: reading and writing slash-Green Day, reading-my fave books are Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series, listening to my iPod, playing Rock Band, going to concerts-my next one is Green Day in Mansfield Massachusetts, and I saw them last year in Boston

Your Life Biography: Well, even though I'm 40 I pretty much act like I'm 15-lol. I play video games with my kids and crank up the stereo in my car or on my iPod. I'm married, 14 years now. I have two teenage boys 17 and 14. I've lived in Rhode Island all my life.

<b>Why People Should Adopt You: I like making new friends. I've got a killer sense of humor. I can always be there to listen, I don't mind being there for someone.

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