heretu (heretu) wrote in adopt_a_friend,

In an effort to rejuvenate my livejournal and meet some new friends...

Name: Rich
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
General Location: The UK

Favorite Foods:Sushi and noodles and baked goodness
Favorite Bands:>Maximo Park, Sigur Ros, Joni Mitchell, Milburn, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand
Favorite Books: Brideshead Revisited, Mrs Dalloway, The Hours, Buddenbrooks, On The Road... I read a lot
Favorite Movies: The Hours, Juno, Mean Girls, Heima, Rocky Horror
Favorite TV Shows:Ugly Betty, Futurama
Hobbies: Reading, baking, walking, travelling, drinking endless cups of coffee, people watching

Your Life Biography [Short]: Born in the NE of England and in my final year (of four) at university in Sheffield, where I study Germanic Studies. The plan is to go abroad again next year before coming back and doing an MA. This is about this, and all of the stuff inbetween.

Why People Should Adopt You: I'd like to think that someone, somewhere, somehow will find this interesting. I'd like to offer people an experience of life in a different country, with the aim of gaining a similar insight myself. I'm a pretty normal guy with some quirks, and want to share this with those in the world of the internet.

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