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Adopt a monkey

Name: Caroline
Age: 23
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
General Location: minnesota

Favorite Foods: JUNK! SPICY! honestly I can eat anything that is not slimy and not raw!
Favorite Bands: Naww Ive never been one for bands..I like really jumpy boy band music one minute and the other minute probably an old melacholic depends on the mood!
Favorite Books: ROMCOMS! romance novels are stuff that I swear by!
Favorite Movies: Romcoms! anything that is not too serious or educative or gross is a thumbs up for me!
Favorite TV Shows: 10things i hate about you, house, random movies
Hobbies: Books, dreams, movies!

Your Life Biography [Short]: im 23.. a grad student majoring in some "fancy" engineering course.. im looking for jos..i love my little family but hate living with a roommate.. i also hate not a freak..just a random girl

Why People Should Adopt You: Because Im awesome!! and I have a good ear ..i only detest weird posters who tend to talk about their privates, their fetishes..i only dislike people who have nothing but their sex life to talk about! if you hate similar people ..well im the monkey for u!

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